A few of our clients include: The Living Planet Aquarium, The Flower Patch, Stephen's Gourmet Cocoa, and Iceberg Drive-in.

Consulting Projects


The Project:

Our job was to generate online sales for a home inspection company. We built a website for them and started an advertising campaign using Google Adwords.

The Results:

Our advertising campaign was a great success. We were able to consistently generate new clients each month, making online sales one of the company's main sources of income.

In order to further increase profits, we continued working with the website to increase the conversion rate. After carefully analyzing the site, we made changes to improve readability, usability, and credibility. This resulted in a 50% increase in sales.

A-Systems Corporation

The Project:

Our goal was to increase interaction with potential customers.

We created an automated system to provide buyers with an instant price quote. This was intended to engage visitors who prefer email over phone calls.We also encouraged visitors to schedule an online demo of the software.

The Results:

After implementing the changes we measured a 600% increase in pricing inquiries, and a 525% increase in online demo requests.

Bean Counting 101

The Project:

Bean Counting 101 is a free accounting course for non-accountants. It was originally only available on CD with limited distribution. We wanted to offer the course online in order to reach a wider audience and attract people who are interested in the accounting industry.

We converted the course from still pictures to streaming Flash video. This made it more appealing and easier to use. We used search engine optimization (SEO) to promote the video.

The Results:

The site currently receives over 2,500 unique visitors each month. This was accomplished without buying a single advertisement.

Web Design

Utah Internet Radio

About the Site:

Utah Internet Radio features music from local artists. Bands can upload their music directly to the station's playlist. They can rotate songs in and out of the playlist whenever they choose.

Listeners can create custom stations by genre.


About the Site:

TruCapture is a program for home inspectors that helps streamline business operations. It manages home inspection reports and makes them available online so clients can quickly view them.

TruCapture tracks the source of each home inspection sale. This helps inspectors see where their money is coming from and decide which marketing techniques are most effective for their business.

The Storage Room

About the Site:

The Storage Room is an online retailer of dehydrated and freeze-dried food supplies. We built the website completely "from scratch," customized to the company's needs.

Because the shopping cart is such an important tool in online sales we made sure it was easy for shoppers to use. We also carefully crafted the checkout process to ensure a high conversion rate.

Hours of thorough planning went into the development process. The result was a highly-responsive, attractive, usable website.

Visual Bookkeeper

About the Site:

We gave the brand a makeover.

Check Ordering

About the Site:

This website allows users to order checks online. The process was optimized for usability by using an interactive graphic interface.

Users can enter their check information and preview it in real-time. They can also upload a logo and see it appear instantly on a sample check.

International Viola Society

About the Site:

This website serves an international audience, and therefore must cater to a variety of computers and internet connection speeds. We built the site on a light-weight framework to ensure quick response time. After building the site we tested it on international servers using different web browsers, and found that it performs well all over the world.


"Fiz provides a great service; their report analyzing our current site was full of valuable information that was very specific to our site.

"We were able to learn how to more effectively use the web as a business tool, and they assisted us in making big improvements with SEO and marketing.

"After re-designing the site based off of their direction, we have measured an increased impact of our website on our profitability and brand recognition."

- Azar McMaster

"Nick truly is an SEO and web marketing expert. While visiting my printing company, he exceeded our expectations by giving us an in-depth presentation and leaving us with his own 'SEO Bootcamp' literature. He educated us and helped make a complex subject manageable. Thanks Nick!"

- Chad, Neutek Print VP Marketing

"The insights and expertise that Nick brings to every project, (and we've done a lot with him, and will bring him in for many more), are invaluable for us. He has very deep knowledge about SEO and web conversion, and has exceeded our expectations many times. What can I say, except that Fiz delivers powerful results for me--every time! Thank you Nick!"

- Matt Behrend